Writing Endeavors 2017

2017 was a good year! I tried to spread myself to other blogs (Plantae, The Quiet Branches, Botany One, Bitesize Bio). In this blog, I focused only on two series: Why Arabidopsis Why & Mutant series. Hope that these two series will turn into the individual book in near future. 

This year we have crossed 10k views. It's ~11k right now. We have moved from Blogspot to an official domain. It's www.aribidopsis.com

I wrote first ever Haiku which was part of the competition in the Plantae blog. That event was inspired by Elemental Haiku from Science magazine. We may use #ChemHaiku on Twitter to find details. Coming back to the story, as a haiku lover, it was amazing to write the first one about the plant. 

Shoot goes us
Root explores down 
All year round 

One of the most useful series is What We're Reading in Plantae. It's a weekly effort from ASPB and Plantae fellows to summarize important research articles and present it to the wider audience. I contributed partially to two articles: 

I also edited this series for one week with fellow ASPB fellows (Jennifer Robinson, Sunil Kumar K R, Gabriela Auge). 

Thanks to Mary Williams for her relentless efforts on this weekly series. 

"The Quiet Branches" is one of the plant science blog managed by Ian H. Street. He is an excellent popular science writer and editor. He manages this blog all by himself and published cool stories regularly. I was lucky enough to work with him and publish two posts on his blog as a guest author.  

Botany One is the most active plant science blog right now. I also wrote blog posts for Botany One as a guest author. One post was about TipTracker and another was about ePlant. 

TipTracker: Automatic tracking of diverse moving objects
ePlant: A comprehensive visualization tool for plant biologists 

Surprisingly, the blog post about ePlant was shared more than 1k and still counting. This one was regarded as mostly viewed plant science blog post of the year. It is also highest shared post from Botany One blog so far. This post was mentioned as one of 10 achievements of Botany One blog of 2017! 

I wrote a technical article for Bitesize Bio. It's a simple write up about genotyping mutants. 

How to genotype a T-DNA insertion mutants in Arabidopsis 

Coming back to this blog finally. You'll find 9 posts and their links below regarding the mutant series.

Argonaute 1 (AGO1)

Two amazing stories from the Why Arabidopsis Why series. 

Why Arabidopsis Why: Early Flowering Gene 
Why Arabidopsis Why: Morning Glory  

Apart from that, I did the extensive review of plant biology research articles from Cell, Nature & Science. These three posts took huge efforts and time as usual. 

Plant Biology Highlights: Cell Articles 2017 
Plant Biology Highlights: Nature Articles 2017 
Plant Biology Highlights: Science Articles 2017 

This year ASPB launched their third journal, Plant Direct. I wrote a short post about this new journal in the beginning. 

Plant Direct 

After the release of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", wrote about an auxin marker, R2D2! 

R2D2: Auxin marker from Star Wars 

My interview had been published in the ASPB newsletter in the membership corner. You take a look at the snapshot. 

I recorded first ever video in the Plant Biology 2017 meeting which was part of Pitch Your Science section. You'll get a quick idea about my research. 

Thanks everyone for being with me in 2017. Hope we will explore more exciting plant biology story in 2018. Looking forward to a great new year. 


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