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No Time To Read - Why a podcast?

As days become month and months become year, the way of communication evolves. This is no different for the science communication. I started blogging almost 10 years back as an undergrad and wrote random things about science interesting to me back then. As I progressed through career, I became more focused and started this plant biology blog in 2015.  Over the time, I grew and developed myself along with the blog.  Although I like communicating science through blog posts, over the years I have realized that blog is not the most popular means of communication. People do not read much blog these days. The better means of communication is audible and visual materials. From a personal point of view, lot of my hours of reading physical materials has been replaced by podcast and audio books.  If evolution teaches us something, we should consider that if we want to survive, we need to know how to adapt. After realizing the declining popularity of  blog, I started to think to move into a new p