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Journey started with the dead plant cell

See the unseen   We are certainly at the age of cell biology. The improvement of optics, contribution of basic physics, combining the simple but powerful molecular biology to fuse fluorescence proteins for visualization has taken us to the unprecedented level of live cell imaging. How a protein moves from cell to cell, dynamics of cell division, the interaction between proteins wouldn't be possible to visualize without the facility of live cell imaging, which becomes kids' play these days. Telescope vs Microscope   It's hard to explain to friends and family what incredible things we do through this. I explain it with an analogy of telescope, as most of us are familiar with that. We use a telescope to see the unseen which is far far away from us. The telescope helped us to understand the universe and visualize objects which are light years away from us. In a similar fashion, a microscope helps us to observe smaller things which are impossible to monitor throug