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Why Arabidopsis Why: Ethylene Signaling

Welcome back to Why Arabidopsis Why series. If you missed the first post of this series, you may find it here . As I wrote in the previous post, I'll try to cover stories where we gained knowledge through Arabidopsis research and applied for other plant species successfully.  Ethylene is a well studied plant hormone. FYI, unlike other hormones, it's been found in gaseous form. It has no color and smell. That's why when other hormones require transporter , it requires receptor . As a phytohormone, its function covers fruit ripening, abscission of plant parts, released during physical and mechanical injury, epinasty (bending of stems), maintaining root apical meristem and so on.  As already mentioned about receptor requirement for ethylene perception by cell, for the broad idea about ethylene action inside cell demands the knowledge about ethylene signaling . The following figure (prepared by me for presentation) will give an overview about the proteins involved