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Twin Seedlings

Twins: Biological facts Not all of us are lucky enough to have twins! the point of mentioning it is that twin formation is not a regular event. In general, twins are formed in human embryos in two possible ways. Either, a single fertilized egg splits into two or separate eggs are fertilized two separate sperms.  How plants maintain selectivity The fundamental processes of life in plant system are analogous to the human system. In most plants, from the single embryo, they produce single seedling or plant.  Usually, female germline starts with 1 MMC ( m egaspore m other c ell) per ovule and becomes 4 megaspores through the process of meiosis. Out of these 4, only one survives to produce FM ( f unctional m egaspore) and other 3 megaspores undergo degeneration process. The only FM forms the embryo sac.  This is how plant selectively let only one megaspore survive and for embryo sac. (Illustration is provided at the end of article).  Does plant form twins   If we th