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Writing Endeavors 2017

2017 was a good year! I tried to spread myself to other blogs ( Plantae , The Quiet Branches , Botany One , Bitesize Bio ). In this blog, I focused only on two series: Why Arabidopsis Why & Mutant series. Hope that these two series will turn into the individual book in near future.  This year we have crossed 10k views. It's ~11k right now. We have moved from Blogspot to an official domain. It's .  I wrote first ever Haiku which was part of the competition in the Plantae blog. That event was inspired by Elemental Haiku from Science magazine. We may use #ChemHaiku on Twitter to find details. Coming back to the story, as a haiku lover, it was amazing to write the first one about the plant.  Shoot goes us Root explores down   All year round   One of the most useful series is What We're Reading in Plantae. It's a weekly effort from ASPB and Plantae fellows to summarize important research articles and present it to the wider