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Plant Biology in Space

Who doesn't want to be an astronaut? Flying away from the earth, heading towards moon or Mars. It's certainly the dream of every kid, even some of the grown-up unless they start to give up their dreams and hopes! And, there are reasons why at a certain age and stage people start believing that being-an-astronaut-dream doesn't valid anymore because, in the movies and traditional setup, it has been showing that mathematician, computer programmers, physicists are way ahead of other disciplines to become an astronaut and flying away.  It's time to come out of this concept and look at the perspective through a different lens. Think about that, you are going back and forth between earth and other planets, testing whether there is the existence of life and so on. All this research leads to find out whether there is a way of habitats, which broadly emphasis on LIFE. If we are thinking about start living to Mars, we have to make sure that the other form of life can survive

Mutant Series: PIZZA

Sometimes I feel totally guilty of not writing new stuff when several hundred readers are visiting the blog every single day! I've moved from one country to another, then from one state to another. It went like that, Japan (March) → Michigan, USA (June)  → Massachusetts, USA (present). I'm going to start with a less serious, more funny and humorous one – Mutant Series! Thanks for your support and I appreciate your time and feedback to bring this blog so far.   If you smell food, do you? from the title of the post – I'm not responsible for that as usual. It all started with the Keiko Sugimoto's work on plant hormone, Brassinosteroids (BR). In a standard genetic approach, we usually use loss-of-function mutant to find out the function of that gene ( reverse genetics approach ) or randomly mutated genes and then find out which is our target gene for certain criteria ( forward genetics approach ). But, for BR metabolism, it's not obvious to see the growth phenot