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Why Arabidopsis Why: Plant Hormone Combatting Cancer

A philosophical journey Not only plant biologists but also people from other field know about Daniel Chamovits . In my opinion, he made a tremendous effort to present plant science cool and easy for everyone through his book What A Plant Knows and two-part lecture series (Understanding Plants - Part I and Part II ) on Coursera.  He often tried to find the phenomena exclusive for plants and eventually realize plants and other system converge nicely. This statement reflects through his lab's work as they use both plant (Arabidopsis) and animal (Drosophila) model systems in their experiments. To me, it seems super cool! One of the current projects of his lab is to find phytochemical which has the role in combatting cancer and decipher their mode of actions.   An ancient medicine with unknown function From the study of ancient times, it was known that cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and so on) containing diet is healthy. In recent time, epidemiolog