Lab Made Story: Prologue

Ever wonder everything written "Home Made" gives us the idea that particular food item is fresh. Home Made Pizza to Home Made Juice, what-so-ever. It feels like something is cooked just now and served in front of you with a promise of deliciousness and freshness, as well as. 

In science, everything we read in journals are happening at lab. As soon as we get the data or something interesting, we start writing and publish it. I love to read latest research articles, reviews and highlights from my respective field (Plant Biology) regularly. At that time, I feel the same way I was treated with Home Made food. Latest research articles are like "Lab Made Story" to me! 

It's Arif Ashraf, a "novice" plant biologist who knows less and keeps writing more, and welcome to my brand new blog series from ARIBIDOPSIS: "Lab Made Story"! 

I'll review recent published articles of plant science in short to get the idea who doesn't have much time or patience to go through whole article. Most importantly, I'll go for rocket-science-type articles, which draw attention the people from outside of plant biology and research field, rather than hardcore basic-plant-biology. This is my first attempt to bridge plant biology to general audience through my blog.

If you have any suggestions or comments and you want me to review any particular article of your interest, you are always welcome to email me through arif dot ashraf dot opu at gmail dot com    


  1. Great feat, vai! I always wanted to start something. Opened a wordpress blog too. But miserably failed to continue

    1. Initially I was very random in writing. Over last couple of years things are organized. It's been 5 years since started. Keep trying!


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